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What’s A Self Care Day Without The Necessities ? Let’s Take Komplete Control of Self Care Day & The Beauty Underneath !

Included -

* 1 10g Lip Scrub + Scooper

* 1 Exfoliating Brush

* 1 Lip Towel

* 1 Liquid Gold - Soft Mask Lip Oil

* 1 Face Mask + Facial Brush

* 1 Pair 24K Gold Eye Mask

* 1 24K Gold Lip Mask

* 1 KBB Toiletry Bag

(Exfoliating Brush & Facial Mask Chosen At Random.)

Komplete Care Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Easy To Use -

    1. Apply Our Blue Vanilla Lip Scrub To Your Lips. Use The Exfoliating Brush For 30-60 Secs. Rinse With Cool Water & Pat Dry With The Lip Towel.

    2. Use Your Facial Brush To Apply Face Mask.

    3. Then Add On Your 24K Gold Lips & Eye Mask.

    4. Finish By Moisturizing Your Face & Applying A Generous Amount Of Our Liquid Gold To Your Lips To Soak In Skin As An Overnight Mask.

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